A new employee feedback questionnaire is an effective tool to gather information from new employees about how they feel working in the company and whether they are satisfied with their hiring, orientation process and new job responsibilities. These questions give a chance to the employee to give his opinion too and are an opportunity to boost employee satisfaction.

Sample New Employee Feedback Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Employee Code: ___________

Position: _____________

Department: ___________

Address: _____________________

Phone Number: ________________

Email id: _____________________________

1)   What was your experience with the induction process like?

2)   Where you happy with your first day of induction at our office? Did it meet your expectations?

3)   Were you satisfied with the way you were welcomed in your department by your team members?

4)   How satisfied are you with the knowledge and skills of your assigned team leader or co-worker?

5)   Are you happy with your manager’s ability to lead the team and provide instructions to you?

6)   Are you satisfied were you with the necessary stationery, equipment, tools like the computer, software applications, phone, scanner etc provided to help you with your work?

7)   How happy were you with the time it took to get your benefits package?

8)   Where you satisfied with our in-house induction training programme?

9)   Are you satisfied with the job responsibilities assigned to you or would you like to change something?

10)               Do you feel there are any areas of improvement that we can work on?

11)               Would you recommend the organisation as a good place to work at?