The new business survey questionnaire is a handy tool for market researchers and even news editors. Essentially the objective of a new business survey questionnaire is to facilitate an insight related to new business development, the various aspects of running the business, the specific industry niche, the ownership information, and much more. The information received from this type of survey not only helps new businesses but also the market in forecasting business conditions.

Sample New Business Survey Questionnaire:

Name of the Owner(s): _____________________________

Name of the New Business: _____________________________

Date of Inception: _________________ (MM/DD/YY)

Address: ______________________________________  City:_______________

State: __________________  Zip: ________________

Email: _____________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________

  • Which of the following industries can you classify your new business under?

a)      Advertising

b)      Sales and Marketing

c)      Construction

d)     Property

e)      Retail Sales

f)       Online Store

g)      Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)

h)      Services

i)        Publishing

j)        Travel

k)      Manufacturing

l)        Others _______________________ (Please Specify)

  • Which of the following risk factors have you taken into account?

a)      Market volatility

b)      Market Niche

c)      Customer demographics

d)     Channels of marketing and distribution

e)      Customer trends

f)       Market trends

g)      Competition

h)      Recession

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your new business? List them as under:


  1. _______________________
  2. _______________________
  3. _______________________
  4. _______________________
  5. _______________________


  1. _______________________
  2. _______________________
  3. _______________________
  4. _______________________
  5. _______________________
  • In order to start your new business, in which of the following areas have you made initial investment?

a)      Infrastructure (building, work space, rentals)

b)      Systems (computers and other equipments)

c)      Staff (temporary and permanent employees)

d)     Inventory (products)

e)      Miscellaneous overheads (electricity, water etc)

f)       Others: _____________________ (Please Specify)

  • What is your growth forecast in the coming months?