Network planning questionnaire involves a number of questions to find out as to how the network planning is intended. It is given to the network planning team which answers the various questions asked in it. There are different kinds of network planning such as mobile network planning, human network planning, social network planning, computer network planning, etc and the questions in each of these kinds of network planning questionnaire is different. Below given is a sample network planning questionnaire which includes a number of questions which may be included in such a questionnaire.

Sample Network Planning Questionnaire

  • Please specify your name here: ________________________
  • Please provide your contact number: _________________________
  • Please provide your email id: _____________________
  • Please mention the name of the department you are working with: _____________________
  • Which designation do you hold?


  • By when would your department be ready with the network design?

a)      In less than a month

b)      Within 2 months

c)      Within this quarter

d)     Within 6 months

e)      More than 6 months

  • Do you have the required tools for planning the network design and setting it up?

a)      Yes, we do have all the required network planning tools

b)      Not yet, we have given our request for the required tools and are waiting for the approval

c)      We are still to figure out as to what all tools would be required

  • By when are you planning to set up the network?

a)      Within 6 months

b)      6 months – 1 year

c)      It would take a minimum of 1 year to set up

  • Have you handled network planning task prior to this or is it your first project?


  • Have you studied the kind of network plans prepared by your competitors?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • Do you think the network planning done by you and your team is at par with that of your competitors?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • Please mention about the network planning done by you and your team in short.