A national travel survey questionnaire is filled by customers, travelers or even families and the entire exercise is coordinated by survey companies or government establishments. The objective of a national travel survey is to gather as much information as possible on the travel choices of people in a particular city, region, state, or country. This helps different organizations including state travel and tourism establishments to get compiled data on travel preferences of various categories of travelers.

National Travel Survey Questionnaire Sample

Name of the traveler___________________________________________

Address of the traveler: ______________________________________

City: ________________ State: ___________________  Zip: _________________

Telephone: ____________________  Fax: ____________________________

Age: _________ Sex: ___________ Date of Birth: ______________________

Most frequent travel destination: _____________________________________

Q1. What type of traveler would you describe yourself as?

a)   Adventure traveler

b)   Single traveler

c)   Family traveler

d)   Business traveler

e)   Backpacker

f)    Camper

g)   Trekker and Mountaineer

Q2. How often do you travel in a year?

a)   Once a month

b)   Once every quarter

c)   Once in 6 months

d)   Once in a year

e)   More than 12 trips in a year

Q3. Which of the following destination type do you prefer?

a)   Beaches or coastal area

b)   Forest and Game reserves

c)   Hill station

d)   Rain forests

e)   Desert

f)    Religious destination

g)   Historic landmarks and destination

h)   Adventure sport destinations

Q4. Do you book your itinerary online or through travel agents?

a)   Online                        Yes | No

b)   Travel Agents             Yes | No

Q5. Which of the following modes of transport do you prefer when traveling?

a)   Air

b)   Sea

c)   Road

d)   Rail

Q6. What type of accommodation do you prefer?

a)   Star hotels

b)   Budget hotels

c)   Lodges

d)   Bed and Breakfast

e)   Paying guest

f)    Tents and camps

Q7. How long are your holidays?

a)   Less than 5 days

b)   5-10 days

c)   10-15 days

d)   More than 15 days



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