Myers Briggs came up with a personality model that spells out the character of every human being. According to him, you have a combination of any four of the following preferences:  Extraversion, introversion, sensing and intuition. Every individual contains one of the sixteen different combinations of these four preferences. He also states that some people prefer an organized life compared to those who just live a day at a time, handling matters as they arise. He also states that some people tend to make decisions based on logic or objective thinking, while others are usually bent on personal beliefs and sentiments.  Below is a sample;

Sample Myers Briggs questionnaire

What annoys you most about other people? (Tick the appropriate answer)

Changing things that are already in order ________

Arguing over little disparities of opinion __________

If they insist on having all the facts before they do anything new__________

If they insist on following processes as they are __________

If they act too fast without thinking through the consequences __________

What actions do people make that irritate you most?

When they keep imposing themselves on others__________

When they concentrate so much on the future that they forget to finish up on the present__________

When they tend to offer complicated explanations to simple matters __________

When they write down even the simplest of instructions__________

When they are assertive about their strong, individual beliefs_______

What do you find enjoyable?

Pondering about what is mysterious________

Nursing other people’s emotions ________

Trying out innovative ways of doing things_________

Doing practical things that have a substantial outcome________