A music education questionnaire is a useful tool to evaluate the music education curriculum of an educational institute or an institute of fine arts. It is answered either by teachers or students and helps one to know what can be done to improve the condition of music education and how to enhance the good effects of music education on children.

Sample Music Education Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ________________

Email ID: ___________

Date of Birth: _________

Gender: __________

Name of school or college: ___________

1)   Why do you think education of fine arts like music should be included in a school curriculum?

2)   Does your school have a systematic music education programme?

3)   What instrument do you teach?

4)   What are the problems you have to face as a music education teacher?

5)   How do you go about solving those problems?

6)   What do you do to create interest in children about music?

7)   Does the school cooperate with you regarding imparting music education?

8)   Is the budget allocated to the promotion and development of music education enough in your school?

a)   Yes

b)   No

9)   How many students do you have in your music class?

10)               Has your school won any regional or national level championships? If yes, give details.

11)               What would you like to change about the state of music education in your institute?

12)               Please share some ideas on how do you plan to make music education an important part of the curriculum.

13)               Are there prospects of children getting interested in higher education in music?