A multidimensional personality questionnaire is a process of assessing the various personality traits of an individual filling up the questionnaire.  The questionnaire gives a better understanding of the physiological as well as genetic traits of an individual by testing their temperament. These questionnaires are usually used by recruiters recruiting an individual for a certain position or by psychiatrists for analyzing the personality traits of their patients.

Sample Multidimensional personality questionnaire

Name __________

Age _______________

Gender (choose the appropriate option)

Female _____________   Male _______________

Occupation _______________________________

Location _________________________________

Marital status _____________________________

1. Do you feel that you are happy in your life?

a)      Always happy

b)      Somewhat happy

c)      Rarely happy

d)     Not happy at all

2. When you are visiting a social event, how do you prefer to behave?

a)      Staying reserved hiding in the crowd

b)      Trying to take charge of things by mixing with everyone

3. Do you prefer staying alone or live with other people?

a)      Staying alone

b)      Staying with other people’

4. How do you react is a stressful situation?

a)      I get worried

b)      I get upset

c)      I keep my cool  and manage the situation

5. What do you do when you have to achieve something?

a)      I work to somehow achieve

b)      I put in extra effort

6.  How aggressive are you as a person?

a)      Very aggressive

b)      Aggressive

c)      Somewhat aggressive

d)     Not aggressive at all

7.  How do you execute something?

a)      I think a lot before execute

b)      I don’t think before executing