Got an interview to attend? Nervousness and apprehension are quite common when there is an interview scheduled. Certainly, interview is a most important phase in the recruitment process. A successful interview clears your path to landing your dream job. It’s the best opportunity for the candidates to project a good image about themselves to the employers.

An interview is important for employers, as it assists them in selecting the best suitable person for the job; and it also helps the candidates to present their knowledge and skills to acquire the desired job role. One should always be prepared well in advance for the interview, as it helps in many ways. Your body language and the way of answering questions matters the most in any interview.

There is huge competition in today’s world, which makes it even more challenging to clear an interview with flying colors. With increasing number of job aspirants out there, employers are devising new ways of choosing the right individuals. They want to make sure that the person fits the job role perfectly. The questions asked in the interview are targeted at extracting necessary information from the candidates. You should know how to answer certain questions, which are often asked in most interviews. This infographic provides the most common questions asked in a job interview and the guidelines to answer them.


Most Asked Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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