The Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) is an extremely efficient tool that helps therapists to determine the intensity or nature of the mood disorder in a suffering patient.

The questionnaire would help to get valuable feedback from any patient and the therapist can bring about changes in the treatment as necessary. It should be easy to understand and the format should be logical and fluid to facilitate answering correctly. Several simple and open ended questions should be included. Below, a sample questionnaire is given.

Sample Mood Disorder Questionnaire

Name of the patient: ___________________________________

Age: ________________

Sex: ____

Date: ______________

1) Have you ever felt confidence that was not way above your usual confidence level?


2) Have you ever slept very little or lesser than your usual hours and still fail to notice those hours of rest?


3) Have you ever experienced bursts of anger and irritability that made you pick up a fight with others or behave untowardly with them?


4) Were you filled with joy and felt unexpectedly light when the situation was actually very grave and sinister?


5) Did your concentration ever wander off and your head would be buzzing with thoughts when you needed to concentrate and perform?


6) Was your energy level too high which is rather unusual for you?


7) Have you become a social being who is extremely outward in nature?


If you answer yes to most of the questions, then it suggests you might be suffering from mood disorder and should contact a professional.

If your answer to most of the questions is no, then mood disorder is not likely but still cannot be completely overlooked.