A model survey questionnaire is used by modeling agencies, photographing agencies etc. to gather the information of various models. The information is collected to be accessed in time of need to find a suitable model.

Sample Model Survey Questionnaire



Contact No.:

Answer the following questions:

1. How experienced are you in the modeling world/ assignments?

a. Not experienced/ inexperienced

b. Some experience

c. Very experienced

2. Are you currently associated with any modeling agency?

a. Yes

b. No.

If yes then specify the name of the agency you are associated with


3. What is the natural color of your hair?


4. What is your natural/ true eye color?


5. What is your skin tone? (choose from the following)

a. Ivory/ white

b. Light ivory

c. Light Brown

d. Brown

e. Dark brown

f. Pinkish

g. Reddish

h. Yellowish

6. Kindly specify your height (in feet and inches) and your weight (in pounds).


7. Pick which of the following are you (i.e. in reference to your working hours)

a. Full time model

b. Part time model

c. Full time student

d. ________________________, specify if any other

8. Specify your general working rates on the following basis:

a. TFCD: ________________

b. Hourly: _______________

c. Half Day: ______________

d. Full day: _______________

e. Monthly: _______________

f. Yearly: _________________

9. Mention your following measurements:

a. Waist:

b. Chest:

c. Hips:

d. Bust line:

e. Arms:

f. Shoulder:

g. Thighs:

10. What is your shoe size?


11. Do you have ear piercings? If yes then how many.


12. Do you have any other piercings? Specify.


13. Do you have any tattoos or any other sort of body art?

a. Yes

b. No

If yes then please give the specification of each of them.


14. What are the styles or types that you are interested in modeling for?

a. Glamorous

b. Swimwear

c. Fashion

d. Lingerie

e. Causal

f. Fine art

g. Artistic nudity

h. _______________________, specify if any other.