Menu planning questionnaire is the correct way to prepare a good menu-card for any occasion – marriage, religious festival, award function dinner party or birthday party. The client, with a nicely tailored menu planning questionnaire, would be benefitted by standard solutions to prepare a wholesome menu. An organized event, full with fun and frolic, is appreciated more by the quality of its menu and this questionnaire assures to provide the client with a tidy plan in a convenient format.

Menu Planning Questionnaire Sample

Name: _______________

Email: ______________

Ph. Number: ____________

Contact address: __________________________

Q1. What is the occasion for which the menu planning is needed?


Q2. How many guests are invited?


Q3. Please give an approximate estimate of the budget for the menu.


Q6. Please tell us whether the menu would abide by some particular religious beliefs.


Q7. What type of system would you prefer ?

  1. Catering
  2. Buffet

Q8. Do you need to have separate segments for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Q9. Please tell that whether you want ‘before-the-meal’ snack items.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. May be

Q10. Do you want any provision for drinks?

  1. Yes, only soft drinks.
  2. Both hard drinks and soft drinks
  3. No

Q11. Please mention the genre of food items you want in the menu.

  1. Indian (please mention the region ___________)
  2. Continental
  3. Continental
  4. Chinese
  5. Any other (please mention ______________)

Q12. Do you want each of the guests to be provided with a menu card?

  1. Yes
  2. No