Medical specialty questionnaire is used to help medical students in identifying the areas of specialty during studies.  The medical specialty questionnaire guides the person on key areas to note as they made a decision on the specialty of their choice. The questions cover personality, abilities and skills. A medical specialty questionnaire shapes the career of the medical student as they begin to identify choices of specialty. There are various specialty choices including, cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, and plastic surgery among others. The person compares tendencies to certain questions with those rated for various specialties professionals. A sample medical specialty questionnaire is shown below.

Sample Medical Specialty Questionnaire

Answer the following questions selecting from a scale of 1-5 where (1 – least true) and (5- most true)

I tend…

1. To be very assertive when making arguments ___________________________________________________________________

2. To be very organized ___________________________________________________________________

3.  To be in charge when in a group ___________________________________________________________________

4.  To be demanding on results ___________________________________________________________________

5.  To bring energy to people around me ___________________________________________________________________

6. To make independent choices in many areas ___________________________________________________________________

7. To enjoy routine work ___________________________________________________________________

8. To exploring new things ___________________________________________________________________

9. To solve complex issues ___________________________________________________________________

10. To enjoy being part of the decision making process ___________________________________________________________________

11. To attempting solving problems before asking for help ___________________________________________________________________

12. To take initiative in all situations ___________________________________________________________________

13. To solve a problem head on without compromising or delaying ___________________________________________________________________

14. To look up to people I admire ___________________________________________________________________

15. To be a keen listener ___________________________________________________________________

16 To be an excellent observer ___________________________________________________________________

17. To push myself to perfection ___________________________________________________________________

18. To enjoy spending time away from work ___________________________________________________________________