Medical questionnaires are a very important way of gathering first hand medical data from the subjects.  They are used in various contexts e.g. admission to schools/colleges, pre-employment formalities, pre-hospitalization procedures, etc.

Each context may have a different emphasis and the questions must be based on those requirements.  It is good to give an introduction which includes an assurance from the surveyor that medical information provided by the respondent would not be revealed to a third party.

Sometimes medical questionnaires can make a person uncomfortable, so it is best to start with basic information data and then move on to more specific/detailed questions.

Many questions in the medical questionnaires are of dichotomous nature i.e. with two options e.g. yes/no.  Generally, wherever the answer is in the affirmative, it is best to seek an explanation.  E.g.: Have you suffered from a heart attack? Choices: Yes/No/ If yes, provide details.  In such circumstances, the medical questionnaires must provide enough space for the reader to give specific details.

Most medical questionnaires include a statement of assurance from the respondent that he/she has provided the information to the best of his/her knowledge without concealing any medical facts.