A medical leadership questionnaire is a type of a leadership questionnaire which is used in medical centers or medical institutes to assess the leadership qualities of team leaders etc by posing questions to the team members. A questionnaire of this kind is helpful in knowing whether or not a leader is performing well or not.

A medical leadership questionnaire has a list of subjective as well as multiple choice questions, all of which more or less serve the same purpose. Given for your help and referential purpose is a sample of a medical leadership questionnaire that can be used by any individual.

Sample Medical Leadership Questionnaire:

Name of employee:

Age of employee:

Gender of employee:

Working position of employee:

Contact number of employee:

Email address of employee:

Name of team leader:

The following is a medical leadership questionnaire. Kindly answer all of the following given questions. Please use the spaces provided.

Q1. Do you like working under your assigned team leader?

a)      Yes, very much

b)      Yes

c)      Not very much

d)     Not at all

Q2. Please give the reasons for the answer you have provided above.


Q3. According to you, is your team leader suitable for this role?

a)      Yes, he is very suitable

b)      Yes he is quite suitable

c)      He is not very suitable

d)     He is not at all suitable

Q4. Does your team leader possess leadership skills?

a)      Yes, he does

b)      No he doesn’t

Q5. What are the qualities that make a good team leader in your opinion?

a)      Strong personality

b)      Good communication skills

c)      Ability to lead by example

d)     Patience

e)      Other (please specify)

Q6. If given a chance, would you like to play the role of a team leader?

a)      Yes, definitely

b)      Yes, may be

c)      Not really

d)     Not at all