McGill Friendship questionnaire is essentially an attempt to gauge the friendship between two persons. It notes the feelings of the friends and the satisfaction of their relationship.

This questionnaire contains questions that reflect these attributes and facilitates understanding of the results. Such a sample questionnaire is given below.

Sample McGill Friendship Questionnaire

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Please choose the option that applies to you the most. Answer all the questions.

1)   Do you have a best friend?

a)   Yes, I have one or two best friends with whom I share almost everything.

b)   Yes, I have several friends whom I consider tobe  my best friend.

c)   No, I don’t have a best friend.

2)   Why do we need a friend?

a)   We need someone to confide into.

b)   We need someone who can listen to all our tantrums.

c)   We need someone with whom we can have fun.

d)   All of the above.

e)   We don’t really need friends.

3)   Dou you mingle with people well?

a)   I am an extrovert; I love to make new friends.

b)   I am an introvert; I keep my distance.

4)   Are you a very enthusiastic friend?

a)   Of course, I call up my friends just to chat with them.

b)   Not really, I only call my friends to make some specific arrangements.

5)   When you have a personal problem what do you do?

a)   I would work it out on my own.

b)   I would share it with my friend and be comforted.

c)   I would try to forget it.