The questions in an MBA marketing questionnaire are meant to help understand the perceptions any individual holds about an MBA course. This also help gather what make an MBA degree a good (or a not so good) option as a post graduate course. This questionnaire also links to many other aspects relating to MBA course.

Sample MBA Marketing Questionnaire




Educational Qualifications:

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Kindly answer the following questions:

Q1. If you are currently enrolled in an under graduate course what is it? Why did you choose this particular course/field?

Q2. If you are already a graduate and working would you like to purse MBA as a graduate option?

Q3. What other post-graduate course would you prefer?

Q4. Why would you not prefer to do MBA (if at all)?

Q5. Why would you choose MBA over any other course at same level?

Q6. Which institutions would be your first preference when seeking admission? (Give a list from most preferred to least)

  1. What are the subjects you’d choose to major in with your MBA course?(Give options in preference ordering)

Q7. What besides attaining a degree are your expectations of any MBA course?

Q8. Do you believe the current fee structure of most institutions is very expensive?

Q9. Which of the following would you prefer?

  1. Full time 2yr course
  2. Part time course (duration varying from 3- 4yrs)
  3. Course via Correspondence/ Distant learning
  4. Executive MBA (for work- ex holders)

Q10. What according to you are the drawbacks or restrictions of doing MBA? (If any)