Just like in any other relationship, marriage does have its own problems. These problems can be resolved if the couple agrees to attend marriage counseling sessions. A marriage counseling questionnaire can be used during the sessions.

Different counselors have different ways of running marriage counseling sessions. One very common method of marriage counseling is through the use of a marriage counseling questionnaire.

marriage counseling questionnaire is list of questions written out for a couple, to enable both the counselor and the couple to better understand what they are dealing with, their relationship and the basis of their problems. This in most cases will help a couple better their relationship.

Sample Marriage Counseling Questionnaire

  1. Are you forced to be a different person now that you are  married?___________________________________________________________
  2. Describe your experience of being married_____________________________________________________________
  3. If you could go back in time, would you still get married knowing what you know today?_____________________________________________________________
  4. Do you feel that your needs whether physical, emotional or spiritual are satisfied? If not please explain._____________________________________________________________
  5. How is the communication between you and your spouse?_____________________________________________________________
  6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?____________________________________________________________
  7. What activities do the both of you do together?___________________________________________________________