A marketing strategy questionnaire is a questionnaire that is used to collect data on marketing strategies. Businessmen need to investigate the market and what methods they need to use before they operate in it. Getting into any kind of a market without prior knowledge is suicidal as markets can be very deceptive. A marketing strategy questionnaire uses relevant industry specific questions in order to find out necessary information. It is the responses that are received from the questions asked in market strategy questionnaires that are used to draw conclusions about the best strategies to use in the market. Below is an example strategy questionnaire.

Personal details

First Name                              Middle name                          Last name

______________                     _______________                     ______________

Age   __________________

What type of business do you own?

Sole proprietorship _________    Partnership _________ Corporation ______

(Tick where appropriate)

Where do you sell your products?

_______ in a business premise

______ online

______ at home

Please answer the following questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ where necessary

Would you say that your business is profitable?


Do you do advertising for your business?


How do you advertise?

_______ through the media (television, radio, newspapers)

________ through the Internet

________  through billboards

________ through word of mouth

Do you sell your goods and services online?


Do you sell your goods through sales representatives?


How many outlets do you have for your business?


Do you have enough outlets for your business to sell your goods and services?


What is the government is doing to promote marketing especially international marketing?