Marketing research means obtaining information about a particular product from various sections in the society. The information may be related to consumer’s tastes, likes, dislikes and opinions about a product. The purpose of a marketing research questionnaire is to get an opinion or a feedback from a general public about a product. Given below is the sample marketing research questionnaire:

Sample Marketing Research Questionnaire:

Q.1) Name of the Company: _______________

Q.2) Your Name: __________

Q.2) Address: _________________

Q.3) Contact Number: ____________________

Q.4) Email ID: ______________________

Q.5) how did you come to know about the product?

(a) Newspapers (b) Magazines (c) Television (d) Internet (e) Others

Q.6) Are you happy about the features associated with the product? If, not what are the changes you would prefer?

Q.7) what would be the ideal price you would likely to quote for the product?

Q.8) have you used the product earlier? If yes, what was your first hand experience after using the product?

Q.9) from where did you bought the product?

(a) Showroom

(b) Shopping Mall

(c) Shopping Web-Site

Q.10) what is your opinion about the discount offers which we present from time to time?

Q.11) List how the five things which you liked most about our product?

Q.12) List how the five things which you would like to change about the product?

Q.13) would you like to avail to the various promotional offers associated with the product?

Q.14) what was your experience about the after-sales-service?

Q.15) what are the general changes you would prefer when we launch the next series of our product?

Q.16) Final Comments (If Any):

Q.17) Signature: _____________

Q.18) Date: _____________________