A marketing questionnaire is a questionnaire that deals with marketing using questions. A marketing questionnaire is a research tool used to collect information about marketing. The questionnaire is used by businessmen when they need to do research on a market. It uses questions in order to find out necessary information. It is the responses that are obtained from the questions asked in marketing questionnaires that are used to draw conclusions about the market. Marketing questionnaires cover a wide range of issues for example the products that do well in the market, what affects a particular market positively or negatively and it is these issues that people need to know when operating in it. See the sample below;

Marketing questionnaire on how to carry

out effective marketing

Personal details

First name                              Middle name                     Last name

____________                         _______________                 ______________



What type of business do you own?

Sole proprietorship _________    Partnership _________ Corporation ______

When is the busiest day of the week in your business?


Please answer the following questions with ‘yes or no’

Would you say that your business is profitable?


Do you advertise your business?


Do you sell your goods and services online?


Do you have enough sales representatives?


Do you think the government is doing enough to promote marketing especially international marketing?


Do you have enough outlets for your business to sell your goods and services?


What are you doing that is different from your competitors to attract more customers?