A marketing questionnaire template is a form which consists of instructions or rules that are to be followed when constructing a marketing questionnaire. It is used to collect information that is significant to the marketing of goods and services such as performance of products in the market, sales and predicting the success or failure of a product in the market.  A marketing questionnaire template can also be used to construct a marketing questionnaire that will be used to improve or recreate a product that is making losses or is unpopular with consumers.  The marketing questionnaire template is used in business entities or corporations, companies, organizations and institutions.

Below is an example of a marketing questionnaire template used to determine the sales of a product.

On a scale of 1-5 where 1 is poor and 5 is exceptional, what would you suggest as the best strategy of advertising our product?

_____Media (newspapers, radio, television)

_____Word of mouth

_____Free sampling


____________Other (Kindly suggest another method)

What is your opinion concerning the price of our product?




________very expensive

Kindly, answer the following questions with ‘yes or no’

Would you consider buying our product?


Is the packaging and display of our product attractive?


Would you suggest our product to your friends and relatives?


Is our product easily available and accessible?


What is your opinion concerning our product?

_________Exceptional        _______Poor

If you think our product is “exceptional,” suggest ways that would ensure that the standards of our product are maintained; or improved if your answer is “poor.”