Marketing questionnaire format shows how marketing questionnaire is framed. This is one of the best tools used for collecting data from different people regarding marketing.

The marketing questionnaire format represents every question related to marketing.

Answers collected from this kind of questionnaire helps to take proper and informed decisions regarding marketing of an organization. Therefore, marketing questionnaire format is an effective tool for dealing with issues related to marketing sector.

Sample Marketing Questionnaire Format

The Initial Few questions should be framed in a manner so as to know the awareness of your product among the users.

1. Which product of our company you have used and how long?


2. Did you find the product up to the standard? If ‘not’ then mention in detail what are the things you want us to improve in our products?


Once you have known the awareness, next set of questions should be framed to know the opinion regarding the products related to its satisfaction and other such factors.

3. If you are satisfied then how much you will rate the product you have used out of 10?


4. Do you think the advertisements of our services and products capture the best quality in the market? If ‘no’ why?


The next set of questions should be based on the marketing of the product.

5. Do you think our advertisement is quite convincing for those who are new to our products? If ‘no’ mention why?


6. How will you define our advertisement?

a. Funny

b. Interesting & Informative

c. Convincing

d. Too long

e. Very short

f. Not up to the mark

7. How much will you rate our customer care service out of 10?


8. From where you got to know about our product?

a. Television

b. Radio

c. Newspaper

d. From friends & family

e. posters & banners

Finally get to know that whether user is so much satisfied that he will recommend your product to others or not

9. Will you recommend others about our product? If ‘No’ please mention why?