A marketing research questionnaire for customers is always used to collect information or data which is very important for the success of a business. This questionnaire is used by business ventures to find out people’s view on a certain product. It also helps to analyze the performance of a product and also customer’s awareness about a certain product.

Sample Marketing Questionnaire for Customers:

Name: __________________

Sex: ________________

Date of Birth: ______________________

Address: ____________________

Telephone no.: ___________________

E-mail id: ___________________________

1. How did you get to know about our products and services?

a) Newspapers advertisements

b) Magazines advertisements

c) Television commercials

d) Internet

e) From a friend or relative

2. What is your monthly budget for this particular product?

a) $100 to $200

b) $200 to $300

c) $300 to $400

d) $400 to $500

e) $500 and above

3. How often do you feel the need to use this product?

a) Everyday

b) Once in a week

c) Once in a month

d) Once in three months

e) Once in six months

f) Once in a year

4. How would you rate your experience of using our product?

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Average

d) Bad

e) Terrible

5. Where do you usually shop for our products?

a) On the internet

b) Exclusive showroom

c) Factory outlets

d) Any particular shop

e) Shopping mall

6. What is the best thing that you like about our products?

a) Price

b) Packaging

c) Quality

d) Easy Availability

e) All of the Above

f) If anything else please specify?