Marketing is the phenomena of making your goods and services appealing to the consumer.

Marketing managers may face different problems like whether the features to design new product is sufficient, whether salespeople is enough or how much to spend on advertising and minor ones like exact wording, coloring, packaging etc. You can check the demand for the product by doing a thorough market research where you can put questionnaire directly or indirectly to the audience.

The aim of the marketing questionnaire is to determine the opinion of the customers regarding product or service in order to improve the customer satisfaction and enhance appeal.

Marketing surveys can be sought from all and sundry – consumers, distributors, internal and external stakeholders. This will bring in a diversified perspective to the survey and help paint a broad picture on marketing this product/service.

First of all provide an introduction to this questionnaire, with details around the aim and objective of the questionnaire. The questionnaire can be anonymous and you need not capture any specific details about the surveyor themselves.

The survey can be open ended to draw out all forms of feedback to understand their thought process and help draw wide ranging conclusions. Thus marketing questionnaires proves to be beneficial for all organizations.