Marketing planning questionnaire is mostly prepared by the marketing planning companies. It includes a number of questions to understand the marketing requirements of their clients. Based on the answers given by the clients the marketing professionals plan marketing strategies for the latter’s products and services.

Most of the companies have marketing department within their company and in such cases it is the duty of those marketing personnel to prepare the marketing planning questionnaire and get it filled by the relevant department in order to market and promote the product just the way it is required.

Sample Marketing Planning Questionnaire


Contact Number:

Email id:


Company Name:

  • Please share some details about the product or service you would like to promote?


  • Do you have any specific marketing strategy in mind?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      I am working upon preparing one

  • If the answer to the above question is yes then please share it with us. Also if you are working upon preparing it please share a few details.


  • Please let us know as to what is your approximate budget for the marketing activities?


  • Is there any possibility to increase the budget mentioned above?


  • Would you like to promote your product online too?


  • Which all media would you like to use to promote your product? (You may choose one or more depending upon your requirement)

a)      Newspapers

b)      Magazines

c)      Television

d)     Radio

e)      Internet

f)       Others

  • Do you expect us to study your competitor’s marketing strategies and use a similar strategy or would you like to use some other marketing plan?


  • What would be your mode of payment for the marketing campaigns designed and run by us?


  • Have you assigned the task of designing your marketing campaigns prior to this? Also specify if you were satisfied with their services?