Marketing plan questionnaire is a tool by the help of which business owners can understand whether the various aspects of their company is as per the market demand or not. This questionnaire is used either directly by the owners in case of small industries while big enterprises have a dedicated team to do so. This questionnaire will help traders improve their marketing principles and policies which in turn can give them an advantage over their competitors.

Sample Marketing Plan Questionnaire

Company Name: __________________________

Name: __________________________________

(Person who is answering on behalf of the company)

Contact No.:_______________________

Address of the Company: ______________________________

1)   How long is the company involved in this business?


2)   What sort of product group or industry group does your company fall under?


3)   Which sort of people or organizations are your present customers?


4)   Which geographical location of the globe or the country is a predominant market for your company?


5)   What segment of your business needs to be enhanced in the coming future?


6)   What goals do you set for your business for the next 5 years?


7)   What is the greatest profit making aspect of your company?


8)   Are you planning to route your business into new products or customer groups?


9)   What are your plans to increase the return on investments?


10)               What can be the worst situation for your business in the coming year?


11)               What are your short term and long term goals as far as your business is concerned?


12)               What are your plans to reward your long term customers?


13)               State any 3 points that make you stand apart from your competitors.