A market validation questionnaire is a kind of a market questionnaire which is used to study the market and is conducted before the launch of a new product. These questionnaires are used by manufacturing companies to fathom the choices, preferences of the clients and the customers and based on the results; they design the products to suit the needs of everybody.

A market validation questionnaire is basically a medium through which a company takes validation of it target clientele before bringing a product or service into the market. Given below is a sample of a market validation questionnaire that can be used by any person for having a frame of reference.

Sample Market Validation Questionnaire:

Name of customer:

Address of the customer:

Age of the customer:

Gender of the customer:

Work description/profession:

Email address of customer:

Mobile number of the customer:

Kindly answer the following give market validation questionnaire. Please provide your answers in the spaces provided to you.

Q1. Do you agree with the concept of a fairness cream?

a)      Yes, I strongly agree

b)      Yes I agree but not strongly

c)      I don’t have a solid opinion about it

d)     I don’t agree with the concept at all

Q2. Do you use a fairness cream yourself?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q3. Do you know more than 5 people who use fairness creams?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q4. What are the main qualities that you look for in a fairness cream? Tick the correct options.

a)      Fairness inducing quality

b)      Sunscreen qualities

c)      Skin smoothening quality

d)     Spot reduction

e)      Anti aging feature

f)       Other(please specify)

Q5. Do you have a favorite fairness cream brand?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q6. Do you think that the market needs more fairness cream products?

a)      Yes, I strongly think so

b)      Yes

c)      No, I don’t think so