A questionnaire that is framed by a company or an organization to quiz traders about a particular market is known as a market trader questionnaire. Any questionnaire of this kind is effective in collecting the views and opinions of the traders about one particular market so that a general conclusion can be drawn from all the results.

A market trader questionnaire is commonly used and consists of many questions. Given below is one such sample of a market trader questionnaire which can be read or used by anyone who is looking for help in this regard.

Sample Market Trader Questionnaire:

Name of trader:

Name of company:

Age of trader:

Contact number of trader:

Email address of trader:

Official address of company:

Residential address of the trader:

The following is a market trader questionnaire. Please answer all the questions in the provided spaces or tick the correct choice in case of objective questions.

Q1. How long have you been working as a trader in this market?

a)      0-3 years

b)      3-7 years

c)      7-10 years

d)     More than 10 years

Q2. Are you fully aware of the nature of this market and its behavior?

a)      Yes, I am fully aware

b)      Yes but I have certain doubts

c)      I am not fully aware

d)     I am not at all aware

Q3. Is this market favourable for the kind of trading that you do?

a)      Yes, very favourable

b)      Yes, quite favourable

c)      No, not very favourable

d)     Not at all favourable

Q4. Does the market fluctuate often in its response and behavior?

a)      Yes, it fluctuates very often

b)      Yes it fluctuates a little bit

c)      No it does not fluctuate often

d)     No it doesn’t fluctuate at all

Q5. What are your views and opinions about this market as a whole?