Market survey questionnaire is designed and developed in order to help one analyze the size of the market for the product developed, the best price for the product and also optimal location for the retail store. The effort that is spent on a market study can result in a higher chance of success. Market survey questionnaire are used by companies in order to test the overall effectiveness of a program and also its effect on customer loyalty.

The questionnaire can provide insight on sales, retention and customer acquisition.

Market survey questionnaire for retail Sample


Name of the shop:

Location of the shop:

  • What is the name of the agency or company that is responsible for the management of the market?
  • What is the frequency of operation of the market?

a)      Daily         b) Once a week           c)Twice a week           d)Others

  • What are the areas that are served or covered by the market?
  • What is the overall role of the market?
  • List the names of the popular brands that are sold out the most.
  • At which period do you think the sales are the highest?
  • Were there any complaints about the products so far?
  • What were the most common reasons for the complaints that were received about the products?
  • Has there been a demand for the products in the past few years?
  • Is the store provisioned with all the equipments that are necessary?
  • How many workers are employed in total?
  • Are there any skill set defined for the nature of work?
  • What is the mechanism for collecting market fees and other charges?
  • How are the charges and the market fees made use of?
  • Have you performed any research on the price variations between the neighboring market and your market?
  • What is the existing and the future challenges you think would limit the efficiency in the use of the market?