Market survey questionnaire for restaurant are designed and developed for improving one’s understanding about the target market and the customers. Restaurants are basically employee intensive and difficult business which involves a lot of competition. Market survey questionnaire for restaurant can help people identify the consumer preferences and habits.

The questionnaire also aims at improving customer satisfaction by implementing the feedbacks and suggestions of the customers and also by understanding the requirements of the maximum number of customers.

Market Survey Questionnaire for Restaurant Sample



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  • To which age group do you belong?

a)      Below 15                           b) between 15 and 20

c) Between 20 and 30             d) above 30


  • How often do you visit restaurants?

a)      Once a week                     b) Everyday

c) Every month                        d) others

  • What is the type of location you prefer?

a)      Near subway                     b) Close to the cinema

c) Near shopping malls            d) if others please specify_________


  • What kind of advertisements are you interested in?

a)      Commercial           b)Friend’s suggestion

b)       Random choice    d)Newspapers/Magazines


  • Which of the following type of restaurants do you prefer going to?

a)      Self-service           b) Table service           c)  not particular


  • With whom do you usually go to restaurants?

a)      Family                   b)Alone                       c)Friends


  • How important is the price of the food?

a)      Very important      b)Not important          c)Important at times


  • What are the factors you consider to be the most important when you visit a restaurant?

a)      Quality of food     b)Environment and service c)   Price


  • What meal do you eat mostly at a restaurant?

a)      Breakfast               b) Lunch                      c) Dinner


  • Does special offers and discount attract you?

a)      Yes                        b) Sometimes              c) Not at all


  • What are the accessorial services that you would prefer at a restaurant?

a)      Music                    b) Magazine                c)Specify if other options__________


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