A market research questionnaire for new business is an important document that enquires regarding the various details involved in a certain market research being conducted prior setting up a new business. The market for a business needs is to be studied thoroughly before starting a new business venture, and hence a proper and complete research work is essential. The questionnaire should contain suitable questions that would help in bringing out the details of the market research and thus help in determining the suitability of the new business.

Sample Market Research Questionnaire for New Business:

Name of market: ______________________________________

Nature of market: ________________________________________________________

Research conducted by: _________________________________________________

Research commissioned by: ________________________________________________

Name of new business: ______________________________________

Nature of business: _________________________________________________

Mission statement: _______________________________________________________

Vision statement: ________________________________________________________

Type of business:

  • Single proprietor
  • Partnership
  • Public company
  • Others ______________________________________________ [mention the type]

Estimated date of commencement of business: __ __/ __ __/ __ __ __ __

Location: _______________________

  1. What is the basic objective of this market research?


  1. How the market is related to the new business and what are the possible impacts of the market?



  1. What have you assessed of the capability of the market to support the new business?


  1. Does the work plan of the new business correspond with the nature of the market and its operation?
  • Yes
  • No

Kindly explain your answer: ______________________________________________

  1. What have been the results of market research till date? Mention them and give proper details?
  • ____________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________
  1. What are your views regarding the setting up of the new business in this market? Why do you think so?