Market research questionnaire for a product depicts the layout of an inquisition that seeks for answers related to a newly released or existing product from its targeted customer(s) in the market. This kind of document is essential for gauging the market status of a particular product and also helps the manufacturing authority to indentify the shortcomings and make necessary changes according to consumer’s expectation. This in turn, helps in improving the market performance of a particular product in comparison to its contemporaries.

Sample Market Research Questionnaire for a Product

Respondent’s Name: ________________________

Contact Details: __________________

Date of responding: _______________

Concern Product’s Name: _______________

Kindly provide us with your right opinion, so that we could offer you even better.

  • How long you are using the concern product?
  1. More than  6months
  2. Less than 6months
  3. Few days
  4. Have not used it yet
  • Who referred you about the concern product?
  1. Commercial ads
  2. Friends/ Relatives
  3. Others please specify _____________________
  • Have you ever used our products before? If yes, then specify what changes you have noticed in the concern product than the earlier ones?


  • Do you think the concern product is worth your expectation?
  1. Definitely, I am highly satisfied
  2. I didn’t find it much satisfying
  3. Highly dissatisfied
  4. I am not sure
  • How much will you rate the concern product on a scale of 10?
  1. 0-3
  2. 3-5
  3. 5-8
  4. 8-10
  • Have you responded in any of our company’s market research questionnaire before? If yes, then did you find it effective?