A market questionnaire template is a beneficial ready to use document, which is put up for recording the required feedback of the targeted customers or clients for making certain profitable improvements in the business.

Sample Market Questionnaire template:

Name of the company: _______________

Official Address: ____________________

Contact number: ____________________

Name of the concerned expert: __________

Date: ___/____/____ [here, the contact details of the company will be mentioned to start the questionnaire]

Q1. This market survey is conducted for:

  • Targeting the desired client
  • To measure the current business condition
  • To understand the associated issues of the business
  • Others: ________________ [the market questionnaire begins with this introductory question, where the answer will be chosen to specify the motive of this questionnaire]

Q2. Which method are you using to complete this survey?

  • Online survey, polls and E-mail
  • Interview approach
  • Telephonic method
  • Others: _____________ [an answer will be chosen to declare the technique of initiating and completing this questionnaire]

Q3. The outcome of this market survey will be used for:

  • Making new business policies
  • Initiating new working strategies to earn high profits
  • Building the new clientele to spread business worldwide
  • Other: please mention: ___________________ [here, after receiving and evaluating the feedback action will be chosen]

Q4. This market questionnaire is initiated on:

  • District level
  • State level
  • National level
  • International level [here, the expert will specify the concerned market level to gather the feedback]

Q5. Please write more about this market questionnaire:

____________________ [the concerned expert can mention the overview of this market questionnaire]