A market potential survey questionnaire is a category of a survey questionnaire that helps in understanding or analyzing the scope or potential of a particular market. These questionnaires are used by organizations to gather responses about whether or not a market place has potential to grow or earn profits or not.

A market potential survey questionnaire may have multiple questions. While some of these questions are objective in nature, some may require you to give your answer in the provided spaces as well. For a better understanding of this subject, please refer to the following given sample of a market potential survey questionnaire:

Sample Market Potential Survey Questionnaire:

Name of person answering questionnaire:

Job nature:



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Please take out a few minutes and answer the questions given in the following lines.

Q1.  How often do you shop for readymade garments for yourself or others?

a)      Every week

b)      Every month

c)      Every 3-4 months

d)     Every year

e)      Randomly

Q2. What kind of materials do you prefer for readymade garments?

a)      Cotton

b)      Linen

c)      Silk

d)     Denims

e)      Other(please specify)

Q3. Do you prefer shopping for readymade garments from stores or malls?

a)      Stores

b)      Malls

c)      Both

d)     Non

e)      Other(please specify)

Q4. Do you prefer stitched clothes to readymade garments?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q5. What is the range of money that you spend on your readymade clothes per month?


Q6. Do you think that the brand name of the readymade garment shop is important to your purchase?

a)      Yes, it is very important

b)      Yes, but it is not that important

c)      No, it is not really important

d)     It is not at all important

Q7. Do you think that this market place has potential for growth?

a)      Yes

b)      no