The questions contained in market potential questionnaire can be used to collect information so as to analyze the potential of a market and the possible future prospects of a firm willing to enter the market. The questions can also be analyzed to help the firms currently operating in the market in deciding their future course of action so as to make functioning smooth. The set of questions in the following questionnaire relate to the footwear industry and the prospects of the same.

Sample Market Potential Questionnaire






Kindly answer the following questions:

1. Kindly rate the importance of footwear for you as per the following options:

a. Shoes are meant for the basic purpose of protecting feet (hence I’ll be satisfied with just a pair)

b. Shoes are a necessity but it’s good to have variety,

c. Shoes are essential fashion (I own a umpteen pairs)

d. Others please specify__________

2. How often do you buy shoes/ sandals?


3. What is the number of pairs of footwear you own? Specify.


4. Are there certain specific brands you prefer to shop from?

a. Yes,

b. No.

5. If yes, then how rigid are you about shopping form them only and not shifting to a newly launched brand?

6. What are the most important features in a pair of footwear that you seek for every time you go shoe shopping?

7. What out of comfort or fashion/ design is more important in a pair of footwear?

a. Comfort

b. Style and fashion

c. Both.