A market potential analysis questionnaire is a set of questions which help a certain firm or company in analyzing the potential of a certain market and the future profit possibilities. The following questionnaire is aimed at analyzing the potential of the jewelry market. The result of the analysis can help a firm decide whether it’s beneficial to enter the market or rather stay out because of low profit possibilities.

Sample Market Potential Analysis Questionnaire






Kindly answer the following questions as you find suitable:

1. How often do you purchase jewelry? (give an approximation)

a. Once every 3 months,

b. Once every six months,

c. Once every year,

d. Only on special occasions,

e. Others, specify ______________

2. What is the minimum amount you spend on an average, in a single purchase?

3. How important do you believe is a brand name when it comes to jewelry shopping?

a. Irrelevant,

b. Not that important,

c. It is a plus but not essential,

d. Really important.

4. Which basic element of making jewelry do you prefer the most?

a. Gold,

b. Silver,

c. Platinum,

d. Other, please specify ___________

5. What jewelry items/ pieces do you generally purchase? Kindly give name and specifications if any.


6. Which stones do you prefer the most:

a. Diamonds,

b. Ruby

c. Sapphire,

d. Emeralds

e. Others please specify ___________

7. How do you test for authenticity of the items you are purchasing?

8. How often will you be willing to exceed your budget when you like a specific item?