Market Assessment Questionnaire is developed to help the firms understand and assess the marketing schemes and markets based on the methods that are employed.  Market Assessment Questionnaire is helpful to determine if the methods employed are sufficient and also helps in making decisions in every field of work.

The questionnaire defines the survey process for new and existing clients and serves as a fact-finding procedure that can help people identify and better understand the requirements of the customers.

Market Assessment Questionnaire Sample


E-mail id:

Job Profile:


  • What is the type of business you are in?


  • When did you begin your business?


  • How many people work for your business?


  • What are the skill-sets required by your employees?


  • How are your employees paid?

a)      Hourly       b)Commission             c)Salary


  • Do you have all the equipments that are required for your business?


  • What are the benefits you provide to your employees?


  • Have you identified your target market?


  • Have you decided about the best ways to approach your target market?


  • What are your goals for your business?


  • What are the products or services that you would sell to your customers?


  • How would you motivate your customers to purchase your product?


  • How do you communicate to the clients regarding product enquires?

a)      Leaflets                 b) Proposals                 c)Cards


  • Which of your personal qualities do you think will help you ensure the success of your business?


  • What are the areas that you need assistance with?


  • Do you need a training program to enhance your skills required for your business?


  • What are the greatest challenges that you have currently encountered?


  • What do you think would be the challenges you will be facing in the future?


  • Have you advertised your product in Magazines, Journals, and Newspapers?


  • Are you currently happy about the business and about the nature of your work?