A market analysis survey questionnaire is one that is used by businesses in order to analyse their present market condition and in order to evaluate the changing likes and dislikes of their customers. This questionnaire therefore helps in obtaining an overall view of the market and also the target audience better. Such a questionnaire help market leaders find out the demographic details, get product reviews, measure customer awareness, retain loyal customers and attract more. A sample of such survey questionnaire is given below for reference.

Sample Market Analysis Survey Questionnaire

Name of customer: _____________________________________

Age of customer: ______________________________________

Marital status: ________________________________________

Date of birth: _________________________________________

Number of children: _________________________________________

Household Income: _________________________________________

Residential Area: ___________________________________________

Email address : ____________________________________________

Contact details of customer: ___________________________________

Kindly answer all the questions and share your experience about your shopping trends

Q1) How frequently do you purchase our product?

a) Very Often

b) Often

c) Seldom

d) Never

Q2) How long does it take you to make a buying decision?

a) Very Long

b) Not So Long

c) In a Jiffy

d) Depends on the Product

Q3) How much do you spend on shopping on an average in a month?

a) Very Much

b) Not much

c) Less than Required

d) Very less

Q4) Who makes the buying decisions in your house?

a) Mother

b) Father

c) Siblings

d) You

e) If others, Specify _______________

Q5) What features of the product attracts you in buying it?

a) Price

b) Package (Colour, Quality, Brand etc.)

c) Advertisement

d) No alternative

e) If others, Specify _______________

Q6) Generally, what problem motivates you to buy a new product?

a) The previous product has been used up

b) The previous product was not good as you thought it would be

c) Attractive promotion

d) If others, Specify _______________

Q7) When will you opt for an alternative to the product from the following situations?

a) Low Price

b) Attractive Promotion

c) Better Results

d) Motivation by others