Market analysis questionnaire is a questionnaire used to investigate the market. The Market analysis questionnaires as the name suggests are questionnaires used to do research on the market. Market analysis questionnaires are questionnaires with specific questions seeking to find out more about the market. One can carry out an analysis on different issues that concern the market. These include performance of a product, competition, sales and supply and demand. The responses collected are used in making conclusions in the research of the market. Below is an example of a market analysis questionnaire on the performance of a product in the market.

Market analysis questionnaire on performance of a product in the market

Have you ever used these products?

Yes _____       No    __________

How many times do you use this product?

_____ Never

_____ Daily

_____ Weekly

_____   Monthly

_____ Yearly

(Please answer with ‘yes or no’ where necessary)

Would you recommend this product to a relative or friend?


Do you think that this product is easily accessible in the market?


Do you think this product satisfies the need for which you buy it for?


Do you think that the presence of competition has led to the improvement of this particular product?


What do you think about the price of this product?

_______ Cheap

______ Affordable

______ Expensive

______ Very expensive

What s your impression of our sales representatives?

_______ they are friendly and courteous

_______ they are unfriendly

_______ they are knowledgeable about these product

______ they are not informed about this product

What are your suggestions on the improvements that should be made on this particular product?