Marine job questionnaire is one of the best tools to realize the job satisfaction of a person related to the marine job. Such kind of questionnaires is framed by keeping in mind the interest of people attached with marine jobs as well as for those who wish to join in this job.

Sample Marine Job Questionnaire

Name of the employee _________________________

Job position ____________________      Age _____________

Address____________________________ Contact number _________________

Please mark the right option.

Q1. What interest you in marine jobs?

  1. I have a passion for this job as I have done specialization on it.
  2. It gives lot of exposure
  3. Salary!!! Of course, it’s more than any other ordinary jobs.

Q2. How long would you like to continue doing marine jobs?

  1. This is just the right profession for me
  2. May be for next five to ten years
  3. Just came here for an experience if I don’t like it then will leave within a year.

Q3. What is the average current salary per annum for a marine job employee?

  1. Less than 2.5 lakh
  2. 2.5- 5 lakh
  3. More than 5 lakh

Q4. Do you think the incentives are sufficient?

  1. Yes, definitely I get good incentives
  2. Depends
  3. No, not at all

Q5. Does a marine job involve risk?

  1. Yes, very much
  2. Sometimes that depends on the situation you are exposed to
  3. Not all marine jobs involve risk
  4. It’s difficult to say.

Q6. Do marine jobs provide good employee benefits?

  1. Yes, of course
  2. Not much
  3. Depends