Management styles questionnaire is geared towards helping individuals figure out what their personal management style is. They will know their dominant leadership style. It also helps them to know their strengths and weaknesses. It also helps individuals see the perspective of their employees on their leadership style.

Sample management styles questionnaire

Use the following rating system

1 Least preferred

2 preferred

3 Neutral

4Next most preferred

5 Most preferred

Most people prefer to be followed up and usually have no ambitions ________

Leaders are born and have natural abilities and traits: ___________

In order to motivate subordinate employees to work, use reward and punishment ____

Your subordinates should not have any influence over you ____

It is better to give detailed instructions to subordinates rather than general instructions __

It is better to have group goals rather than individual goals ___________

It is important that the superior has control over subordinate’s _____

A formal structure is preferable to an informal structure _____

Management style scores

If you scored

    1. controlling management style

16-30 Transitional/ mixed style

8-16 Empowering style

You prefer to motivate people by:

* telling them what to do

*providing an enabling environment

* providing coaching and support

* involving them in decision making

How do you asses other people’s results

* sharing information with them inviting comments

*tell them what they did wrong

*provide support and assistance to help them get it right

How do you structure tasks?

*team environment

*strictly formalized manner

*informal setting

* involve everyone