It is important for each couple in a marriage or romantic relationship to survey their relationship every once in a while.  This will enable them to find out the strengths and weaknesses of their love.  Carrying out an inventory of your relationship could help improve it or even save it.  There are many ways to carry out a survey of your marriage or romantic relationship but the most accessible one is a love test questionnaire. This type of questionnaire tries to find out important details about your love which will then enable you to take positive steps towards improving yourlove.

Your name: __________________________________

Age group: __________________________________

Occupation: __________________________________

Economic status: ______________________________

The name of your partner: _______________________

Age group: ___________________________________

Occupation: __________________________________

Economic status: ______________________________

Please indicate the following details about your relationship:

Please indicate the type of relationship you have:

Married: ______________________________________

Number of years: _______________________________

Engaged: _____________________________________

Number of years: _______________________________

Dating: _______________________________________

Number of years: _______________________________

Please rate using excellent, good, average, poor, very poor, the different aspects of your relationship:

Intimacy: ______________________________________

Communication: ________________________________

Passion: _______________________________________

Commitment: ___________________________________

Romance: ______________________________________

Friendship: _____________________________________

Compatibility: ___________________________________

Stability: _______________________________________

Describe how you first met your partner:


Please explain how you knew you loved your partner:


What do you love most about your partner?


What annoys you most about your partner?


Describe some of your dreams with your partner:


Is your partner the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?





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