Love styles questionnaire is a questionnaire that describes the different styles of love that a person is likely to experience or is experiencing in their lives. There are different love styles and it is important for people to know exactly what style they are experiencing in order to understand themselves. It is said that there are six different love styles and each person displays one of the six, for a relationship to be more effective both partners should have the same love style and that is why it is vital to know one’s love style. A love style questionnaire assists one in finding out exactly what love style they have.

Please answer the following questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’

I was attracted to my partner the moment I met him/her. _____

My partner is my best friend. _____

My partner means everything to me. _____

I chose my partner because he/she had all the qualities I needed in a partner. ____

I normally put the needs of my partner before my own. ____

My partner is not certain of my commitment with him/her. ____

My partner and I enjoy and find our lovemaking satisfying. ____

My relationship with my partner grew from a long friendship. ____

If my partner were to leave me I would consider suicide. _____

My partner’s career and his/her dreams and ambitions are a major reason as to why I chose him/her. _____

Regardless of what my partner does, my love for them is unwavering and unconditional. ____

If I broke up with my partner, I would easily get over our break up. _____