Love is a basic ingredient of any relationship. When it comes to love in relationship between two individuals especially of opposite sex, not connected by blood relation but bonded by romantic relationship or in marriage the need for Love Questionnaire arises. A credible well designed questionnaire will be a great help to conglomerate substantial information.

When a Love Questionnaire is to be prepared one has to keep in mind the intricacies of relationship. What an individual wants to find out? How will it help in melioration of relation?

Designing of a Love Questionnaire will have to be done keeping the mind psychological thinking and need. It is the brain or the heart which is dominant in the relation. It will determine the rationality in the relationship. It will also help an individual in love to take a decision on furthering the relationship to higher step leading to marriage.

People differ in their expressions in communicating their love. Sending out right signals is imperative for any successful relation. Love Questionnaire should be prepared having quiz on scales generally of 5 or 9 points, where increase in point indicate the increase or decrease of intensity of the feeling. It should have open ended questions as well as rating questions.