A love questionnaire format outlines the way the questions need to be created and highlights the core idea behind creating such questionnaire. Essentially a love questionnaire is meant to help participants in answering certain aspects of their love life and derive conclusions of importance.

Sample Love Questionnaire Format:

Name: ____________________________ [Name of the participant]

Address: ___________________________________ [Home Address of the participant]

Gender: _____________________ [Gender of the participant (M/F)]

Age: ___________________ [Age of the participant]

Email: ______________________________ [Email Address of the participant]

First Question: [The First question delves into the psyche of the participant. The questions should be direct in nature or yes-no combinations. Most appropriate questions would be: How long have you been in love? Do you feel love is a waste of time? Do you feel emotionally strung in the relationship? ]

Second Question: [The second question should be targeted at opening up the participant to understanding their emotions and feelings. This is where participant needs to identify the various characteristics that define their love for others and others love for them. Questions that would be appropriate include: Is honesty very important in love? Do you believe sacrifice plays an important role in making love stronger? Should love be one way or both ways? ]

Third Question: [The third category of questions should focus on finding out what the participant feels about their current relationship and how deep is their commitment and love. Questions can be in the form of multiple choice answers. Questions can be like: which of the following emotions rule your relationship? Or which of the following behaviors are common in this relationship?]

Fourth Question: [The fourth and final category of questions should focus on the future. Using these questions, a participant can find out whether their current love or relationship will stand the test of time. Questions should be like: Are you planning to marry sometime soon in the future? Which is the next level that you want this relationship to move into? ]