A love questionnaire is written for people interested in finding love. A love questionnaire for MySpace as the name suggests is a love questionnaire that is placed on MySpace. MySpace is a popular site that people visit and people who put up these questionnaires hope that their prospective partners will visit the site and fill them The questionnaires are generally used to find out who the best candidates are and this is determined by the answers they give to the questions given on the love questionnaires. Below is an example of a love questionnaire for MySpace.

First Name                                    Middle Name                               Last Name

____________                       _______________                   _________________


Male ______                     Female ________



Email address




Height _____

Color of eyes _______

Employment status _________

Am looking for a —–

Man ______ Woman _____

Both   _____

Kindly, list your hobbies.


Describe your idea of a good date.


In a few words can you describe who you are and what you would want in a love relationship.


When was the last time you were in a committed relationship?


How long did your relationship last?


What was the reason for your breakup?


How many love relationships have you had in the last 5 years?


When was the last time you were on an official date?


What kind of relationship are you interested in finding at the moment?

A relationship that will lead to marriage ___

A serious relationship ____

Friendship _____