A love questionnaire for Facebook is conducted on the social networking site Facebook and the questionnaire contains statements about the opinions and experiences in love of the Facebook users. Facebook is a social networking website. Millions of users are members of Facebook and this questionnaire explains what they think about love.

Sample Love Questionnaire for Facebook:

Name: ______________________________

Sex: _____________________________

Date of Birth: ______________________

Occupation: _________________

1. Do you feel that you need true love in your life or true love is lacking in your life?

a) Yes

b) No

2. What characteristic attracts you to a person with whom you feel you can fall in love?

a) Mushy behavior

b) Honesty and transparency as a human being

c) Kindness or politeness

d) Eagerness to help people unconditionally

e) Good looks and good body

f) None of the above

3. Does anyone else in your family have a history of successful love life?

a) Yes

b) No

4. What do you look forward to in a love life?

a) Platonic love

b) Good Sex

c) Understanding and caring

d) Trusting each other

e) None of the above

5. What do you feel is the age bracket by which one should find true love?

a) 16 to 25

b) 16 to 30

c) 21 to 30

d) 16 to 40

6. What according to you is true love

a) Sharing all joys and sorrows

b) Physical relationship

c) Emotions for each others

d) Caring and sharing

e) All of the Above

f) If any other please specify?