A love questionnaire example is a document which aims at coming to certain definite conclusions about love, and the reactions it evokes in people by asking them questions related to the topic, and gathering their opinions. A love questionnaire example can be in the form of questions which seek to extract opinions and they should be well framed, witty and relevant. The questions must be such that the individual is not coerced into answering them according to fixed expectations but can express his views fully and freely.

Sample Love Questionnaire Example:

Name: ______________________

Address: _____________________

Date of submission: ____________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Please answer the following questions carefully, selecting from the options given below:

1. Do you think love is an overrated emotion driven by market needs?

  • Yes, love is a capitalist enterprise
  • No, love still has value in today’s day and age
  • Not sure

2. Do you feel that love should be constricted within expected boundaries or societal expectations?

  • Love is a feeling which cannot be subsumed by society or by defined expectations
  • Love should not mean hurting others just for the sake of defying expectations
  • Love can encompass both.

3. Do you think love and lust can be separated?

  • Yes, love does not necessarily mean romantic love
  • No, by love we generally mean romantic love and it cannot be separated from physical attraction.

4. How would you rate the feeling of love on a scale of ten?

  • 1 to 4
  • 5 to 7
  • 8 to 10