Love maps show how well you know and understand your partner in a relationship. A love map questionnaire is a questionnaire used to find out couples’ love maps. Love maps questionnaires are mainly used in counseling couples; these could be married couples or people intending to enter into marriage. The answers given in a love map questionnaire should be honest in order to find out the true status of the love maps in any relationship. It is also important that these questionnaires be filled by both partners in the relationship for them to be effective.

Please answer the following question with ‘yes,’ ‘no’ or ‘not sure’. Try to be as honest as possible.

I know my partners dreams and ambitions.  ______

I know all my partner’s friends and know who his /her best friend is. ____

If my partner was depressed I would be the first person he/she would turn to. ___

I understand what my partner’s love language is. ____

I know everything about my partner’s past, good and bad. ___

I know the type of relationship my partner has with his/her family. _____

My partner knows what my current stresses are. _____

I know what my partner’s favorite music and movies are. ___

My partner knows my best friend. _____

I know my partner’s current financial status. ____

My partner knows everything about my past relationships. ___

My partner knows the most depressing thing that has ever happened to me. ___

I know my partner’s fantasies. _____