It is considered that different people communicate love in different ways and for relationships to be successful it is important for people to understand their love language and the love language of the people they are in relationships with. A love languages questionnaire is a questionnaire that seeks to find out people’s love languages and how they affect the relationships they have with people around them. Knowing the information found on love languages questionnaire assists one in having healthy relationships because they can confidently communicate what they feel. Love languages questionnaires are found on dating websites or can be found independently for one to fill.

First Name                                    Middle Name                               Last Name

____________                       _______________                   _________________


Male ______                     Female ________



Email address


What do you appreciate most when done by the people you love?

____   Time spent with them

____    A hug or kiss

____    Help with the chores

____    An encouragement from them

____    An unexpected gift

If you were discouraged what would you want your loved one to do?

____ Just be there for you

____   Speak words to sooth you

____   Look for a gift that would say they are concerned

____   In case there was something you had to do; they offer to do it on your behalf

____   Hold you, to comfort you

For your birthday what would be the perfect gift?

____ A surprise party with lots of gifts

____   A simple dinner with just loved ones

____ Lots of hugs and kisses

____ A special birthday poem or song

____ Help around the house